Storytelling Series with Dr. Jacinda Dariotis | March 23 at 12pm  

The Storytelling Series features the stories of faculty from across campus who are teaching, employing, and developing novel qualitative research techniques. The series seeks to highlight the journeys of our faculty – what led them here to UIUC – and take a deeper dive into the innovative methods they are applying in their research.

Policy & Research Legislative Fellows Program Info Session

This session will provide more information regarding the Policy and Research Legislative Fellows Program run by the Center for Social and Behavioral Science. This non-partisan initiative, supported by the Office of the Chancellor-Public Engagement, matches graduate students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign (UIUC) with a state legislator representing Champaign-Urbana or a neighboring district.

QRI Storytelling Series – Dr. Melissa Ocepek

This session titled, There are Two Things I Love: Food and Talking, Mostly about Food, explored how an extroverted foodie (Dr. Ocepek) became a qualitative researcher working to understand the very complicated everyday information world of food. Dr. Ocepek provided an in-depth discussion of her approaches to qualitative research rooted in institutional ethnography and highlighted some of her favorite methods, including photo voice.

Corporate Social Responsibility, BLM, and Consumer Activism

Below is an excerpt from the CSBS’s podcast with Dr. Ishva Minefee, Assistant Professor of Business Administration at the University of Illinois, in the Gies College of Business.   In this episode, Dr. Minefee talks with CSBS Research Scientist Peter Ondish about his experience seeing how companies in South Africa differed in their social messaging around […]

CSBS Small Grant Success Story: Dr. Brian Ogolsky

Brian Ogolsky, PhD, is the Director of Graduate Studies and an Associate Professor in the Department of Human Development & Family Studies, with affiliate appointments in the Center for Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS), School of Labor and Employment Relations, Department of Gender and Women’s Studies, and Family Law and Policy Program. Dr. Ogolsky’s research […]

Professional Development Panel for Assistant Professors

This in-person event held at Levis Faculty Center on November 4th, offered assistant professors the opportunity to learn from experienced Illinois faculty in various disciplines on how to apply for and secure external funding. Four panelists had 10-15 minutes each to respond to a set of pre-determined questions. After all the panelist presentations, participants had the opportunity to ask questions and engage in a moderated Q&A.