Qualitative Research Initiative

What is the Qualitative Research Initiative?

The Qualitative Research Initiative (QRI) was developed to support and advance the use of qualitative and mixed methods in social and behavioral science. The QRI is a collaborative effort between passionate social and behavioral scientists on our campus who use qualitative and mixed methods with support and resources available through the Center for Social and Behavioral Science (CSBS). For questions or to contact the QRI, you can email qri-uiuc@illinois.edu.

The vision for the Qualitative Research Initiative is three-fold:

1. Create an environment for deepening the understanding of qualitative research and facilitating conversations about qualitative and mixed methods data collection and analysis

2. Bring together and build collaborations among social and behavioral science researchers from across campus who teach, employ, and develop qualitative research and inquiry

3. Increase the visibility and awareness of qualitative research opportunities among the social and behavioral sciences.

QRI Newsletter

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Qualitative Collaborator Directory

The Qualitative Collaborator Directory allows QRI members to locate other qualitative researchers open to collaboration opportunities to foster networking connections that will help QRI members advance their research agendas.

Please note this directory is secure and only accessible through the University of Illinois system sign-on portal. Please contact the QRI for assistance with adding or editing your listing.

QRI Leadership

The QRI is led by a passionate group of faculty and research professionals who are responsive to the needs of qualitative and mixed-methods researchers at Illinois.

Resources for Graduate Students

This list includes many of the courses involving qualitative methods available at the University of Illinois

Upcoming and Past Events

The QRI hosts valuable, informational events, with recordings available for several past events.