Storytelling Series with Dr. Jacinda Dariotis | March 23 at 12pm  

The Storytelling Series features the stories of faculty from across campus who are teaching, employing, and developing novel qualitative research techniques. The series seeks to highlight the journeys of our faculty – what led them here to UIUC – and take a deeper dive into the innovative methods they are applying in their research.

QRI Storytelling Series – Dr. Melissa Ocepek

This session titled, There are Two Things I Love: Food and Talking, Mostly about Food, explored how an extroverted foodie (Dr. Ocepek) became a qualitative researcher working to understand the very complicated everyday information world of food. Dr. Ocepek provided an in-depth discussion of her approaches to qualitative research rooted in institutional ethnography and highlighted some of her favorite methods, including photo voice.

QRI Storytelling Series – Dr. Nikolai Alvarado

On Tuesday, October 18th, the Center for Social and Behavioral Science’s Qualitative Research Initiative (QRI) hosted the first session of the Storytelling Series featuring Dr. Nikolai Alvarado, Assistant Professor in Geography.

This session explored the Dr. Alvarado’s journey to his career as a geographer specializing in urban politics, environmental racism, and South-South migration. Dr. Alvarado also provided an in-depth discussion of his novel approach to using urban infrastructure as a method in migration research.