Human Subjects Research Workshop

January 21, 2021

Hosted by the Center for Social & Behavioral Science

This workshop addressed the challenges of conducting human subjects research during a pandemic. During this workshop, participants had the opportunity to discuss the challenges they are facing and to learn different solutions to adapt their research activities to a virtual mode.


Video playback of the workshop is now available on Media Space, segmented accordingly: 

Part 1: Research Challenges 

[0:00] Introduction to the Human Subjects Research Workshop, Susan A. Martinis (Vice Chancellor for Research & Innovation) and Brent Roberts (Director, CSBS and Prof. of Psychology)
Vice Chancellor for Research and Innovation, Dr. Susan Martinis, and CSBS Director, Brent Roberts, open the discussion on human subjects research and its current challenges.

[12:20] Research Challenges in Older Adult Populations, Monica Fabiani (Prof. of Psychology)
Prof. Fabiani addresses the challenges related to running studies with older adults.

[33:20] Overview of Existing Challenges, Manuel Hernandez (Prof. of Kinesiology and Community Health)
Prof. Hernandez provides a broad review and touches upon what happens when starting new studies.

Part 2: Virtual Methods to Conduct Human Subjects Research 

[1:00] Overview of Existing Challenges, Cabral Bigman-Galimore (Prof. of Communication)
Prof. Bigman explains her experience using online data collection companies.

[14:00] Adapting Human Subjects Research in Times of COVID-19, Neha Gothe (Prof. of Communication)
Prof. Gothe addresses how to transition in-person focus groups to virtual ones.

[37:57] Social/Behavioral Science Experiments in an Online Interface, Chadly Stern (Prof. of Psychology)
Prof. Stern describes how to conduct social experiments using an online interface.