Meet CSBS Communications Coordinator Rose Keane

Rose joined the Center for Social and Behavioral Science in November 2023 as Communications Coordinator. Rose’s role is to manage and coordinate the communications efforts of the CSBS, advancing its programs, services, community engagement, research, and partnerships.

Tell us briefly about your personal and professional background. My interest in science communication began early, when I was pursuing a bachelor’s degree here at UIUC (integrative biology), and associate’s degrees at Parkland College (communication and sociology). My graduate school career brought me to Michigan State University for a master’s in journalism, and then to North Carolina State University for a master’s in natural resources. I’ve worked for research institutions, nonprofits, and government agencies, and have really enjoyed all my time sharing the latest discoveries and advances from the field (whichever field I may be covering at the time!). Science communication seemed the most natural career fit for me.

What inspired you to join the team here? CSBS seemed to me to be a single place on campus where researchers from a huge range of disciplines could find the support they needed. I wanted to be a part of something like that, and to share the stories and news from the interdisciplinary spaces where researchers overlap. The team here is made up of very driven and talented individuals, and I’m looking forward to being a part of research solutions for folks on campus.

What are you excited for in your new role with CSBS? I’m particularly interested in covering the research that sits at the intersection of different departments and fields. Many of the issues that face us as a society today can’t be contained within any one discipline, and I’m excited to promote the creative ways we’re solving those problems here at Illinois. I’m also looking forward to sharing science communication tips and resources with researchers on campus. If I can be of assistance to you while you’re thinking about your broader impacts, please reach out! You can contact me at

Outside of work or home, where might we find you? I love the outdoors. Nine times out of ten, if I’m not at work or home, I’m usually out on a hiking trail or around a campfire.

What are some top career lessons you’ve learned so far? Always keep a curious perspective. Projects or goals might not turn out exactly how you’ve expected, but it’s important to look for what the situation can teach you. What can you take from this moving forward that will help your future work? Related to the first point, don’t be afraid to ask the obvious questions. The nature of our world and our work is exponentially expanding across disciplines and fields. Making sure that everyone is on the same page with a shared understanding is crucial to everyone’s success.