CSBS Program to Bring Researchers Together for Collaborative Projects

As part of CSBS’s mission to lower the barriers for collaboration across disciplines and facilitate interdisciplinary research to address societal problems, CSBS is introducing a new program. The Interdisciplinary Research Networks (IRN) program will provide support for investigators from multiple disciplines to come together to share information and ideas; coordinate new research activities; foster synthesis and new collaborations; develop a resource to benefit social and behavioral science research; and in other ways advance interdisciplinary science through communication, idea generation, and exploration of complex research projects.

Interdisciplinary teams can request up to $5,000 to fund activities that may not otherwise happen because of a lack of financial resources. Proposals will be evaluated in their potential to (1) advance interdisciplinary research that can contribute to addressing societal problems with social and behavioral science, and (2) develop an external funding application to further advance and sustain the collaborative research such as research grants, center grants, and larger research coordination grants. The CSBS IRN program is not designed to support primary research or fund existing networks or well-established collaborations.

If you are interested, keep your eye out for the full announcement coming soon. Applications will be due November 5, 2023, with a funding announcement December 15, 2023.