Understanding the Effect of Technology on Society

mobile phone in camera mode on tripod (in foreground) focused on classroom of women students who are posing for the cameraWe have uncovered three main research areas for social and behavioral scientists at Illinois to better understand the effect of technology on society:

  • Social science and data science
  • Social science and sensors
  • The social science of engineering.

Through our small grant program, several projects addressing this grand challenge have been funded. Some examples include:

  • Sensors and stress (Children in the Wild: Engineering Tools to Capture Child Development in Real-World Contexts, 2017)
  • Creating an app-based platform for social and behavioral experiments in the wild (Behavioral Decision Research—To Go, 2018)
  • AI approaches to collating data on police shootings (Harnessing Artificial Intelligence to Document Uses of Lethal Force by Law Enforcement in Nearly Real time: Toward the First Comprehensive National Database of Police Shootings, 2018)

See our Digital Revolution Small Grant Solicitation


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