Solving Poverty

young child facing away from camera in an alley with trashThrough our small grant program, CSBS has funded several faculty projects addressing poverty. Some examples include:

  • Parental leave and family outcomes (Examining the Impact of Parental Leave Decisions on Parents’ Career and Family Outcomes: A Cross-Cultural Study, 2018)
  • Neighborhood food environment and health (Assessing the Impact of Neighborhood Food Environment on Diet and Health Among Physically and Psychosocially Vulnerable Children and Adults, 2017)
  • Safe water in Uganda (An Interdisciplinary Analytical Framework to Understand Socioeconomic and Cultural Contexts for Delivery of Safe Water, Sanitation, and Resource Management in Refugee Settlements and Host Communities in Uganda, 2018)

See our Poverty Research Small Grant Solicitation

Community-Academic Scholars Initiative

Launching in Summer 2020, the Community-Academic Scholars Initiative program empowers promising undergraduates to pursue community-based projects focused on poverty and issues of inequality in the Champaign-Urbana area. Learn more.


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