Social & Behavioral Factors in Health

back side of fit woman outdoors stretching her armsWe have identified five main research interests at Illinois addressing social and behavioral factors in health:

  • Affective and decisional processes
  • Social environmental factors, health, and healthcare
  • Health equity and disparities
  • Technology and big data
  • Physical activity

Through our small grant program, several projects have been funded to address this grand challenge. Some examples include:

  • Pubertal effects in girls and health (Life History and Hormones: Mechanisms Linking Childhood Experiences to Women’s Health, 2018)
  • Patient-centered e-interventions in cancer patients (Exploring an Optimal Patient-Centered e-Intervention of Dual Health Behaviors Among Breast Cancer Patients and Survivors, 2018)
  • Microbiome, childhood attachment, and nutrition (Microbiome–Gut–Brain–Axis in Mothers and Their Preschool Children: Attachment, Nutrition, and Implications for Socioemotional and Cognitive Outcomes: A Pilot Study, 2017)

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