Qualitative Research Initiative

What is the Qualitative Research Initiative?

CSBS recognizes the importance for our social and behavioral science researchers to build community and support qualitative and mixed methods research. In response to our community’s call for qualitative evidence programming, we are thrilled to be launching the Qualitative Research Initiative.

The vision for the Qualitative Research Initiative is three-fold:  

1. Create an environment for deepening the understanding of qualitative research and facilitating conversations about qualitative and mixed methods data collection and analysis;

2. Bring together and build collaborations among social and behavioral science researchers from across campus who teach, employ, and develop qualitative research and inquiry;

3. Increase the visibility and awareness of qualitative research opportunities among the social and behavioral sciences.


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Qualitative Collaborator Directory

The Qualitative Collaborator Directory is a research tool that allows QRI members to locate other qualitative researchers open to collaboration opportunities. The purpose of this living contact list is to provide professional networking connections that will help QRI members advance their research agendas.

Please note that the directory is secure and only accessible through the University of Illinois system sign-on portal. If you are a University of Illinois affiliated member and you wish to view the directory list, make edits to your existing contact information, or add a contact entry, you must complete the sign-on prompt using your University of Illinois email credentials. 

If you do not have a University of Illinois email account and would like to add or edit your contact information, please contact Kaylee Lukacena (lukacen2@illinois.edu) for further guidance and assistance.


Past Meetings

First General Meeting | Friday, February 26 at 2:00 p.m. CT

During our first meeting, CSBS Research Development Manager Kaylee Lukacena 1) provided a brief recap of the CSBS Methods Workshop: Crafting Qualitative Evidence for Impact, 2) reviewed the outcomes of the qualitative working group interest survey, and 3) discussed our vision for the QRI, including what we hope to achieve together in growing this initiative.

Resources for Graduate Students



CSBS Workshops

Qualitative Data Analysis Basics
Introduces how to organize and prepare qualitative data for analysis. Gives attention to the value and distinctive features of Dr. Sarah J Tracy’s phronetic iterative qualitative approach and how to choose a qualitative data analysis technique.

Coding Methods in Qualitative Research
Explores primary level coding techniques such as open coding and in-vivo coding; explains the process of moving toward second-level codes and interpretation as well as how to create a qualitative codebook.

Heuristics for Claim-Making and Theory-Building in Qualitative Research
Addresses how to understand the difference between coding, interpretation, and claim-making. Introduces more than eight heuristic activities for claim-making and theory building including, jeopardy research questions, conceptual cocktail parties, abduction, negative case analysis, and more. Reveals how to make your qualitative research interesting.

Presenting Qualitative Evidence for Impact
Discusses how to format and present qualitative evidence; demonstrates how to craft specific claims that resonate and transfer to a variety of settings; considers the rule of utility.

*The following links are from our Methods Series workshop, Crafting Qualitative Evidence for Impact: Insider Methods for Qualitative Data Analysis, Claim-Making, and Presentation, presented by Dr. Sarah J. Tracy.

Workshops Around Campus

Savvy Researcher Workshops
University Library Savvy Researcher workshops have practical training opportunities in qualitative methods resources, including on the use of qualitative software. You can review a list of the Spring 2021 workshops including the descriptions. If you have questions, please contact savvyresearcher@library.illinois.edu.


Other Resources

Expert-recommended resources