New CSBS Team Member: Mercury Bowen

Mercury Bowen (they/she) joined the Center for Social and Behavioral Science in May 2023 as Communications Coordinator. In this role, Mercury is responsible for leading all communications and publicity efforts supporting and advancing CSBS’ programs, services, community engagement, research, and partnerships. 

Tell us briefly about your personal and professional background.  

I grew up in a small town, and discovered the world of communications when I attended college at Eastern Illinois University. I graduated from EIU with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism and double minor in Sociology and Photojournalism. 

What are you excited for in your new role with CSBS? 

I am most excited to learn more about all of the wonderful work CSBS does and to be able to utilize my skills to fulfill CSBS’s objectives. 

Where and when do you get your best ideas? 

I tend to get my best ideas at the least convenient moments possible, usually when I am in the middle of doing something completely unrelated! That’s when I am thankful for cell phones to put reminders in! 

Outside of work or home, where might we find you? 

Outside of work or home, one could likely find me browsing a bookstore for hours on end with no particular goal in mind, just enjoying the atmosphere. 

What is your real-life superpower? 

My real-life superpower is similar to my answer for where and when I get my best ideas! It’s definitely a gift and a curse, but I can be thinking about and focusing on one thing all the while the background processes in my brain are loading ten other thoughts that may pop up at random moments. The superpower part is keeping them all organized!