Extreme Events in a Changing Climate proposal seeks collaborators

Kelvin Droegemeier and Jeff Trapp are spearheading the development of a campus-wide interdisciplinary “Extreme Events in a Changing Climate (E2C2)” center proposal to NSF. They are seeking social and behavioral scientists to provide input and to serve as collaborators.   

The centers goals include:  

  • Understand the needs of public and private stakeholders;  
  • Understand how extreme atmospheric events behave in response to a changing climate;  
  • Predict the characteristics of future extreme atmospheric events and assess the extent to which their predictability limits are altered by a changing climate;  
  • Create optimal, accessible and scalable solutions for societal preparedness .

The proposed center’s mission is to perform transformative research that illuminates the behavior of extreme atmospheric events in, and their attribution to, a changing climate, and to develop and help implement technological and policy solutions for societal preparedness and response.    

They have created a list of potential questions to guide the social and behavioral work of the center.   Please contact them if you have input, ideas, or are interested in collaboration!