CSBS – SSW Poverty Seminar Series

The Center for Social and Behavioral Science, in partnership with the School of Social Work, is hosting a Poverty Seminar Series Fall 2021 through Spring 2022. This event is open to the public and there’s no cost to attend. 

For many low-income families, the COVID-19 pandemic has translated into lost jobs and decreased work hours, putting a strain on already scarce resources. The resulting consequences of such income loss include food insecurity, stress and anxiety, as well as children’s emotional and behavioral problems. During this seminar series, faculty of various disciplines provide insights into what we can do to address these harmful effects of COVID-19. These experts present and discuss how different policy interventions affect families’ well-being, specifically when looking at key outcomes such as parental engagement and child development. Following the speakers’ research presentations, participants will have the opportunity to engage in a Q&A.

Video recordings of each seminar will be available on Media Space after each event:

Professor, University of Chicago
Harris School of Public Policy