CSBS Outreach & Broader Impacts Program

Many of the most pressing issues facing modern society can be addressed to a large extent by social and behavioral science research. For example, poverty, behavioral health, misinformation, global warming, food insecurity, lost human capital, and fast-paced technological innovation are challenges that, at their core, involve social and behavioral phenomena. By tackling these and other relevant topics, social and behavioral science research improves the quality of life for people across the nation and around the world.

CSBS is committed to helping social and behavioral science researchers thoughtfully and creatively design, communicate, and implement their projects’ potential to benefit society and deliver public value. Our outreach and broader impacts program helps social and behavioral scientists communicate and connect with a wider audience, generate scientific and learning opportunities for communities outside the traditional academic realm, and ultimately, improve society. Compelling broader impacts activities are also becoming increasingly important components of external funding applications at organizations like the National Science Foundation. To that end, CSBS will provide holistic support for your broader impacts activities.

Stages where we help

CSBS offers support for broader impacts activities at every stage. Regardless of where you are in the research process, we are here to assist:

  • Design and conceptualization. Effective broader impacts are woven into research from the onset. CSBS can help you design feasible and effective broader impacts activities that benefit society and deliver positive impact.
  • Writing and proposal development. CSBS can provide guidance on how to craft your broader impacts statement, convey your research importance, and maximize its appeal to proposal reviewers.
  • Implementation. Finally, CSBS can help you implement your broader impacts, maximize the impact of your research on society, and track as well as report those key outcomes to relevant stakeholders.

Strengthen your broader impacts activities

CSBS can take your broader impacts activities to the next level in several strategic areas. While we plan to expand our services in the future, we are currently providing support for broader impacts activities in the following areas:

  • Partnering and working with the community. CSBS can facilitate and guide your engagement and partnership with local organizations to build successful and sustainable relationships that empower our community and improve society.
  • Communication, translation, and dissemination. CSBS can help you design products to share your findings with other researchers, policymakers, and the public. Examples of communicative products include educational materials, posters, white papers, podcasts, and more.
  • Evaluation services. CSBS can assist you in evaluating the effectiveness and impact of your broader impacts, from evaluation design to measurement consultations. Leverage your evaluation results to show funders the impact of your work in your next proposal.

Do you want to work with CSBS on your broader impacts? Whatever stage you might be at, contact us at CSBScience@illinois.edu.

Is there an outreach or broader impacts activity of interest to you that is not on this list? Please also let us know by contacting us at CSBScience@illinois.edu.