CSBS Methods Series – Fall 2021

In this Methods Series virtual workshop hosted by the Center for Social & Behavioral Science, Dr. Fred Oswald demonstrates the use of R and RStudio to conduct predictive modeling and clustering using machine learning algorithms. Participants explore available data sets, run and discuss a few fundamental machine learning algorithms, and compare the performance of these machine learning models against traditional models.

Poverty Seminar Series – Fall 2021

During this seminar series, hosted by the Center for Social & Behavioral Science in partnership with the School of Social Work, faculty of various disciplines will provide insights into what we can do to address these harmful effects of COVID-19. These experts will present and discuss how different policy interventions affect families’ well-being, specifically when looking at key outcomes such as parental engagement and child development.

President Biden: First 100 Days

Illinois faculty experts of various disciplines illuminated and investigated President Biden’s policy agenda within his first 100 days in office. The panel addressed how salient social issues are progressing under the new administration and paid particular attention to those related to women and gender. The panelists’ introductory remarks were followed by a Q&A session.

Poverty & Policy Summit

Co-convened with the University of Illinois System’s Institute of Government and Public Affairs, this summit provides a unique perspective on the challenges facing vulnerable communities, families, and individuals during an unprecedented health crisis. Experts canvass both the scale of the challenges and particular dimensions, such as food insecurity, educational divides, and the looming specters of homelessness.

Human Subjects Research Workshop

Conducted by the Center for Social & Behavioral Science, this workshop Illinois faculty address the challenges of conducting human subjects research during a pandemic, including running studies with older adults during the COVID-19 pandemic, the impact of COVID-19 on funded projects, and conducting social experiments using an online interface.

Behavioral Science Hackathon

In this hands-on, community-centered workshop hosted by CSBS in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute, Dr. Adam Seth Levine, Assistant Professor of Government at Cornell University and president of Research4Impact, speaks about the ingredients needed for a successful academic-community collaboration then leads researchers and community partners through a rapid, focused collaboration.

CSBS Methods Series – Fall 2020

In this Methods Series virtual workshop hosted by the Center for Social & Behavioral Science, Dr. Sarah J. Tracy provides clear step-by-step practices for crafting evidence in qualitative research via organizing, coding, analyzing, interpreting, claim-making, and presentation. Dr. Tracy also presents practices of data analysis that make for theoretically and practically illuminating research.