Causal Inference Workshop

In May 2020, CSBS hosted a methods series workshop called Causal Inference with Observational Data. The workshop kicked off with an introduction to causal inference by CSBS Director Brent Roberts. Video playback of the workshop is now available on Media Space, segmented accordingly: Basics of Graphical Causal Modeling Jonathan Livengood, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of […]

Dr. Adam Seth Levine

2020 Behavioral Science Hackathon

In April 2020, CSBS hosted the community-centered workshop, “Behavioral Science Hackathon,” in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute. Dr. Adam Seth Levine, Assistant Professor of Government at Cornell University and president of Research4Impact, kicked off the event with a talk about the ingredients needed for a successful academic-community collaboration (click here for a video). […]

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