2019 Faculty Survey Report

By Cristina Alvarez-Mingote, Ph.D. (Associate Director, CSBS), Peter Ondish, Ph.D. (Postdoctoral Research Associate), Alexandra Roehll Click to view and download PDF version. Background As part of the Next 150 University of Illinois Strategic Plan, the University invested in the social and behavioral science community and elevated the Social and Behavioral Science Research Initiative (SBSRI) to […]

Ask the Experts: Mental and Behavioral Health During COVID-19

On June 22, the Center for Social and Behavioral Science hosted an Ask the Experts: Mental and behavioral health during COVID-19 webinar in partnership with the Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute. In this webinar, our faculty experts discussed managing mental health and close relationships during COVID-19. The experts also focused on managing work-life-balance, coping with grief, […]

Ask the Experts: Covid-19 Exposure notification, Privacy, and Security

On June 9, the Center for Social and Behavioral Science and Interdisciplinary Health Sciences Institute hosted the first session in our Ask the Experts Series on Covid-19 Exposure notification, Privacy, and Security. Our faculty experts discussed the promising potential, uncertainty, and associated privacy risks with using exposure notification technologies to manage the spread of Covid-19. […]

Causal Inference Workshop

In May 2020, CSBS hosted a methods series workshop called Causal Inference with Observational Data. The workshop kicked off with an introduction to causal inference by CSBS Director Brent Roberts. Video playback of the workshop is now available on Media Space, segmented accordingly: Basics of Graphical Causal Modeling Jonathan Livengood, Associate Professor of Philosophy at University of […]

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